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In this article, we discuss about how to create the first ASP.NET MVC Application in scratch using Visual Studio 2019. You can use any version as per your choice but the step will remain the same.

Creating the first ASP.NET MVC Application:

Open the Visual Studio and then search ASP .NET web application.

Choose your application name and folder path.
Choose application template as MVC. Uncheck the configure of HTTPS in advanced option as highlighted in below, as we run the application in HTTP only.
The application is configured now, the application is look like below. In next article we will discuss all the folder structure of ASP .NET application.

Running the ASP.NET MVC Application

If you want to run the project with debug mode then just press F5. On the other hand, if you want to run the application without debugging then just Press Ctrl + F5. Once you run the application, it will open the following page in the browser.

The ASP.NET MVC application includes all the necessary JavaScript and CSS files which are required for bootstrap by default to create a responsive web page. The responsive web page means, the looks and feels of the web page will be changed based on the screen size of the devices on which we are running the application. For example, if you run the application on a mobile device, then the top menu bar will be changed as shown in the below image.

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