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In this article we will discuss how to create Tabs in WPF materiel Design using Dragablz. If you miss our previous article then please go through the link WPF Material Design.

What is Dragablz

Dragablz is an open source Chrome style draggable & tearable tab for WPF. Dragablz also makes user friendly docking and tool windows achievable very quickly. For more details please visit Dragablz Tab Control For WPF.

Lets create a WPF application and will see how to use material design with Dragablz.

File ⇛ New Project ⇛ Choose WPF application  ⇛ OK

Right Click on Project and select Manage Nuget Packages to add Material Design package and  Dragablz package.

Open App.xaml and add the resources of material design and Dragablz

Open MainWindow.xaml and add the design

Code Snippet Explanation

xmlns:dragablz="clr-namespace:Dragablz;assembly=Dragablz" is registered in MainWindow.xaml.

                </dragablz:TabablzControl.InterTabController> is used to add the tab and TabItem accordingly.

When we run the application you can see the output like below; We can drag and navigate tab like below;

</> Find Source Code in Github.com/CoreProgramm/

  In this tutorial we discussed how to use WPF Material Design Tabs using Dragablz. If have any question related to this topic then give your feedback.

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