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In this article we will learn about What replaces WCF in .Net Core?. I used to creating a .Net Framework console application via WCF service from scratch with Class Library (.Net Framework). I then use the console application to proxy call this function within the server. However if I use Console App (.Net Core) and a Class Library (.Net Core) the System.ServiceModel is not available.

Let's understand here what alternative of WCF in .Net Core.

WCF is not supported in .NET Core since it's a Windows specific technology and .NET Core is supposed to be cross-platform.

If you are implementing inter-process communication consider trying the IpcServiceFramework project.

It allows creating services in WCF style like this:

Create service contract

Implement the service

Host the service in Console application

Invoke the service from client process


So far we learnt What replaces WCF in .Net Core. Please give your comments if have any suggestion.

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