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In this article we will learn about How many types of Modules present in Angular. An Angular module class describes how the Application parts well-suited together. Modules are categorized 3 types,

  • Feature modules
  • Core Module
  • Shared Module

Feature modules

Modules that encapsulate a specific feature at a logic level, for example you have a dashboard page that allows the users to see their projects.
  • components
  • services
  • pipes
  • directives
In general feature specific functionality is included in the module. If we need to use some common functionality in our Feature Modules we import the Shared Module in the Modules that needs it.

Core Module

The Core module is used ONLY in the root (app) Module. Common services are placed in the Core Module to ensure we have only a single instance of the services to avoid unexpected behaviors.

Shared Module

The purpose of the SharedModule is to make available commonly used:
  • components
  • directives
  • pipes
We use the SharedModule in the feature modules to make common functionality available.


So far we discussed in this article about How many types of modules present in Angular. Please reach us if have any 

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