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In this article we will discuss if you face the issue to login with SQL server database in Azure then how to prevent it from. If you miss our previous article then please go through link How to create an SQL database in Microsoft Azure

If you face to login with SQL server database in Microsoft Azure then like below you may face this type of error.

This pic. clearly indicates the Firewall is not allowing to connect the IP

How to Over Come of this

To prevent this type of error you need to allow the IP address in the Azure server Firewall. Click on the set server firewall it pop upped a new window. On this popup window you need to do two things.

  1. Allow azure services and resources to access the server as "Yes"
  2. Add your IP address on the rule section as we did like below.

Whatever your IP address is it detect on your Firewall page just add the rule name (as per your choice), then type the IP. The Start IP and End IP should be same.

After adding this both settings save the firewall setting and wait for some seconds, max prior to 5 minutes. Then you must able to login with credentials.

If still have face any issue to login with your Azure credentials then let us know we should help you.

In this tutorial we discussed how to get rid of the issue "Client with IP address is not allowed to access the server Azure Error" . If have any question related to this topic then give your feedback.

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